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      Brighten the Future with Education


      Devoted to integrating educational resources, innovating teaching methods and leveraging the power of advanced technologies, Elernity has the vision to build a global lifelong learning community.

      Global Business

      Elernity has been expanding its global business territory through the acquisition
      of high quality enterprises.


      Elernity has a broad range of educational products, including mobile applications, smart
      classroom equipment, VR and AR educational products, and human holograms.

      Elernity fuses three powerful ideas at the heart of our brand promise. Just as eternity means “without end”, we seek lifelong experiences for people today and future generations. We believe passionately in the value of learning--for individuals and society as a whole. For us, there is no greater purpose than to enable and empower learning. We also know that the best way to learn is to learn by sharing knowledge and encouraging each other through communities.

      COMBINING GLOBAL EDUCATION RESOURCES WITH THE MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES. A powerful force to transform the education system.